Auto emission standards in the Seattle area have increased a lot in the last few years, and regulations are getting tighter to help cut down on the pollution and smog in our area. Salmon’s Service Centers are ready to help prepare your vehicle to pass the emissions test by making your car run smoothly and with less of a carbon footprint.

Taking your car into a qualified auto repair shop for regularly scheduled maintenance and tune ups can help you pass the emissions tests every year.

Salmon’s Service Centers in Seattle are ready to help you get your car back into a low emission producing machine. If you have failed your emissions test, bring your car into the auto repair shop today to get it ready to pass.

We can help diagnose the auto repairs that will be needed to get your car back on the road today. Our expert car mechanics will treat you and your car with respect and you’ll leave satisfied.

All 3 of our Seattle Auto Repair and Gas Locations Offer

Propane Refill
We Refill Propane!